Heights Street Lights

The Sandy Point Board of Directs have approved of eight (8) new street lights for Sandy Point Heights. Please send in your suggestions to the Board for possible future locations.

Mandatory Water Conservation Notice

With the higher temperatures we have all been experiencing the last few days, our water system is also being taxed and we have exceeded our highest average daily usage by over 13% which is requiring us to increase our pumping levels higher than we have ever.  This is caused not only by more watering of yards, but also with folks coming to Sandy Point to get some relief from the heat, also driving up consumption.   This coupled with shortages in chlorine supply for water treatment dictate that we need to declare a “Water Emergency” and issue a “Mandatory Water Conservation Notice” which outlines measure to be taken and water waste fees for those that do not follow the conservation Measures.

Outdoor watering and irrigation shall be limited to every other day, with even-numbered addresses irrigating only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and odd-numbered addresses irrigating only on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  No outdoor watering or irrigation is authorized on Monday.

Outdoor watering and irrigation are further restricted to the hours between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. and for a period of no longer than 30 minutes.

Much of the enforcement will be complaint-based.  The fees for violations, as approved by the Sandy Point Board of Directors.

1st Offense:  Written Warning
2nd Offense: $50.00

Please see Water Policy and fee structure at oursandypoint.com (water department)
For any updates, please go to www.oursandypoint.com.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

Sandy Point Board of Directors

Tips for Water Conservation

Pool Opening!!

The Staff has been working on preparing the pool for a May 28th opening! The Pool will open under COVID guidelines, depending on what phase Whatcom County is in on opening day! Click here for COVID rules and guidelines.


New Sandy Point Board of Directors

Congrats to the new board members!

Your new board is:

Pat Malara - President
Ed Schild - Vice President
Alicia Beck - Secretary
Kym Embrey - Treasurer
Bill Rinesmith- Director
Jim Kolbo - Director
Steve Stedman - Director

Dredge [UPDATE 7/31/2020]

[UPDATE 7/31/2020]

Dear Shareholder, 

       It is not the common practice for the Sandy Point Improvement Company Board of Directors to use our Shareholder email list for anything outside of normal business. The Board, at our July board meeting, all felt that the dredge is of paramount importance to our community and voted to share with you, the attached letter from the Sandy Point Dredge Committee to Whatcom County Planning and Development in regards to the unnecessary delays in the permitting process as well as scheduling the public hearing. 

We encourage you to write and or call any, or all, of your governmental leaders to express your displeasure with Whatcom County Planning and Development and their inability to process the dredge permit in a timely manner. Please see attached list of Names, positions, email addresses and phone numbers.


Sandy Point Improvement Company
Board of Directors

SPDC Letter to Whatcom County
County Council Contact List



[UPDATE 7/17/2020]
Dear Sandy Point Members,

Often friends have asked “What can we do to move the dredge forward?” NOW is the time for all of us to make our voices heard to move the dredge project to completion.

In April of 2017 the Committee submitted the dredge permit application to Whatcom County Planning and Development. After their initial review the County issued requests for additional information. We responded to all the requests, fully answering all the County’s concerns.

In October of 2019, the County scheduled our public hearing, the final step in approval of our permit, but that hearing was postponed when it was discovered that the National Marine Fisheries Services had not completed their review of the application. We finally received the NMFS approval and our public hearing was scheduled for April 1, 2020. Unfortunately, that hearing was postponed because of the courthouse closure due to the virus.

We have been pursuing alternatives for a formal public hearing but have not been successful. But recently we were surprised by the County telling us that they need additional information. After three years of review it is outrageous that the County would suddenly ask for more information. Our application was thorough and complete and we have already provided all the information requested by the County.

It is time for this process to come to an end. Our harbor is becoming ever more dangerous and unusable and we cannot sustain another year of government inaction and obstruction. As citizens we deserve the support of our County government so the dredge can be completed.

We are asking all who care about the condition of the harbor to contact your government officials and tell them this situation cannot continue. Please contact:

County Executive Satpal Sidhu (360) 778-5200

Whatcom County Council members at: council@co.whatcom.wa.us

Tell them that it is outrageous that, after over three years of good faith work on our part to comply fully with County requirements, we are now faced with further delays. We cannot wait any longer. County government needs to support our needs as a community.

Please share this information with your contacts and urge them to “Support the Dredge”.