Total Burn Ban

Total Burn Ban!

No Fires of any kind. Effective Immediately.

Mandatory Water Conservation Notice

Mandatory Water Conservation
Sandy Point Improvement Company’s Water Conservation has begun and will run through September
15th. Outdoor water and irrigation are restricted to the hours before 10:00am and after 5:00pm, and for no
longer than 30 minutes at a time. Signs have been posted as a reminder. Please see schedule below based
on the last number of your address.

Tips for Water Conservation

Community Block Watch Meetings

"The board agrees to host two community block watch meetings between October and April each year and this year one additional meeting this June.
They will be hosted by the board in the Clubhouse and will be attended by some board members. The board thinks it would be a good idea for the committee chair and block watch captains to come and tell the board what they are seeing, what success’s they have had and what issues they have had.
The meeting in June has to be a midweek meeting, has to be between Monday thru Thursday. It cannot be on the weekend, the clubhouse is rented every weekend."